Smoke and Mirrors- Sex and Lies

Hello People!!!
I have recently gotten an influx of friends here. Welcome all of you. :D

I'm still working on setting this up for my fanfiction. I might occasionally post something asking for help, because I'm fairly new to LJ. It's going to be a bitch to move all my works over here and I'm sad that I might have to leave when I've been using them for so long.

To help keep track of what's going on with my fics, you can also follow me on tumblr.

I'm also registered at with the same username, but I'm going to load this first before loading that site.



Welcome to my LiveJournal. 

I really don't want to do this, but I have to because it seems like is cracking down. They've already deleted one of my stories because the summary wasn't "PG", so I'm moving all my stories over here in case they start being cunts about me being over the M rating on my stories. Eventually, I'll get a little help and make a masterpost. Each one will be tagged with the ship and the name of the story, and if it's a series the series name.

So, here we go. :D


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